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a revelation

from God to 

Foot. Moacir Anastácio

"...In the house that had this sign, the enemy would never enter"

The revelation

On the Afternoon of Praise in honor of Our Lady of Spring, I had a vision with a plaque on which it was written:  “Jesus lives here”!  And the Lord told me that in the house that had this sign, the enemy would never enter.


Afterwards, I kept questioning and the Lord showed me, also in vision and in locution, that Moses commanded the people, on the night of liberation, to put the blood of a lamb on the door, because that night, the killing angel would kill all the firstborn of the Egypt.


But where he had that blood, he would pass it on. And this plaque would represent that. Because that lamb was the foreshadowing of Jesus Christ, the blood of that lamb was the foreshadowing of the blood of Jesus Christ, and His blood heals us, sets us free, and saves us.

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A revelação


the revelation board

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Plate  aluminum 

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Plate  wooden 

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Plate  of resin

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